Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another $100 Donated!

Last year, over the summer I attended a camp called Tech Trek for girls in the 7th grade. The camp is designed to inspire girls into pursuing a career or interest in math and science. It instead inspired me to do something with my life when I started this organization. So when I raised an additional $100, I decided I wanted to donate it to the Stanford branch of Tech Trek, the one I went to, so that other girls like myself would get the opportunity I did.


Kinjal Mugatwala said...

Rajee, you are so brilliant for making such beautiful pieces of art and it is just amazing to see all of the jewelry being made out of paper.

Subha said...

Hi Rajee, congratulations on launching your creation via "Go Green and Beyond". I admire the cause you are promoting at such young age in your own creative way.
I wish you many more successes.

Way to go!

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