Sunday, July 13, 2014


               Aluminum is scientifically known as the 13 element on the periodic table, but to the public, it is commonly known as trash. However, aluminum products should actually be recycled! Unfortunately, only 65% of all aluminum used in America is currently being recycled. It's proven that one year of recycling aluminum cans can bring 6 years worth of energy. The cans can be reprocessed over and over again and it also only takes 60 days for a can to be remade into a whole new and different can. Additionally, making beverage cans from recycled aluminum cuts air pollution by about 95% according to statistics. With these advantages toward our society, who wouldn't want to recycle? As an added benefit, there are recycling centers around your city which give you money in exchange for your cans and bottles. Now there's a deal you can't miss! Recycling helps our environment in many ways and because aluminum is such a large part of our industry, it's important to remember to recycle those as well!

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