Saturday, February 21, 2015

5 things to know about the environment

1)  50 billion plastic water bottles are used per year in America. Only 12 billion (23%) of them are recycled. Maybe it's time to increase the recycling rate.

2)  Paper makes up 27% of solid waste (more than any other materials that gets thrown away). While 64% of paper is recycled, the parts that decompose in landfills release methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas.

3)  About 850 pieces of junk mail gets sent to an average American household. Of that, approximately 45% of it never gets opened and ends up in landfills.

4)  Recycling just one aluminum can can save enough energy to listen to an entire album on your phone. Imagine the endless amounts of music that can be generated by just placing your empty drinks in a different can.

5)  At the current rate of deforestation, the world's forests will completely disappear in a 100 years. The largest effect would be the loss of millions of species that reside in forests around the globe. This could potentially destroy the balance of nature and with it bring many negative impacts.

Knowing these facts should motivate you to do your part in helping out the environment. The Earth is destroying itself little by little due to our wasteful lifestyles and so it is now our duty to try reversing the damage. Being a little more mindful of the resources we take for granted can have the ability to save a couple of rain forests and keep away the drought!

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